About Strike Games

Strike Games was founded on July 7th, 2009, for the purpose of creating high quality video games and other entertainment media.

We exist to make the best games we possibly can; using techniques that lower costs, improve quality, and make sure that everyone – including us – goes home happy at the end of the day. While Strike Games was founded in Idaho, we’ve collaborated with dozens of skilled and creative minds from all over the world to develop high quality products that blur the lines between independent and published titles.

When it comes to making games, we believe that making the games should be just as fun as playing them; and if you don’t want to put in long hours of impassioned work, because it’s too hard, tedious, or just plain boring – well then you’re doing something wrong!


Our first game, Final Rush – a cooperative sci-fi wave based shooter – was Greenlit on Steam in late 2013, and had an Early access release on January 17th. The game proceeded to go through a complete rebuild based on feedback, followed by several more months of improvements, bug fixes, and expansions, before finally being released out of Early Access. Improvements continue to be developed behind the scenes for Final Rush.

Our second game, still “unannounced”, is due to be released mid 2015, with a unique development method that will ensure the creation of the biggest and most entertaining experience possible.


The Core Team

Luke Regan
Founder / Administrator / Project Lead

James Gammell
Concept Artist / 3D Artist / Creative Specialist

Cameron Wood
Programmer / Tester / Savior of Final Rush

Strike Games also works with many individual professional and freelance content creators.

Without the work these amazing people have done, our work would not be possible.