Strike Games turns 8!

Happy birthday,
Strike Games!

8 Years. It’s been a long ride up until this point. In some ways it seems like a lifetime ago I founded Strike Games, and in other ways it feels like it just happened – a big contributing factor to that is that we’re really getting into the swing of things now. Every year our skills and experiences grow, and our ability to make awesome games increases.

Way back in 2009, I was getting sick of what was going on in the game industry. Indie games weren’t as much of an option back then, as they were today; and the big companies were consistently moving towards extracting as much money out of the customer as possible. I would’ve been appalled back then, if I knew what many of the big companies would be doing today. These days it just seems like that’s all you can expect from the game industry.

I’m not impressed with a lot of games these days – on one hand, I think I must just be turning into an old curmudgeon that doesn’t like new things, and isn’t impressed with the parlor tricks – however with every passing day, my experience on the other side of the curtain, my experience directly touching the tools of game development, shows me that the game industry really has no excuse for mediocrity. Especially these days, when the tools and information available make it so much easier to do now, than it once was.

When I first started, there weren’t really any big budget game engines available, and publishing was practically impossible; Indie Game making was just getting out of it’s infancy. Now we have multiple options when it comes to polished, fully featured game engines, which largely take the complexity out of the games – and even more choices when it comes to getting your games out there. More and more amazing people are starting to get their hands on powerful tools which allow them to make incredible games. And they’re just getting started.

I might not be excited about where the game industry is right now, but I’m certainly excited about the future of games – and we’ll be right there, making games as always. This year we’ve got some exciting stuff just about to drop, and we can’t wait to show it to you.